User Attribute Definitions

A User Attribute definition is an attribute (property) that can be configured on user definitions in IBM BPM. For example, if we needed to route a process task to users who speak Spanish, we need to know the languages spoken by our users. This example is not an attribute present by default on our user definitions. Through the creation of a User Attribute, we can augment the existing attributes with new ones.

A User Attribute definition made within a Process Application has the unusual effect of changing the environment as a whole. Normally we think of Process Application definitions as only being applicable to the Process Application in which they reside. User Attributes are different. Defining a new User Attribute causes that attribute to be created against all users for every process.

A User Attribute definition can be created from within the Data category of the Library.

When created, a dialog appears asking for a name for this attribute:

The definition parameters for a User Attribute looks as follows:

The fields contained in this definition are:

The value of the attribute for a particular user can be set within the Process Admin Console. See Bulk User Attribute Assignment.

The default attributes for a user are:

Attributes can be accessed from the JavaScript data type called TWUser. This has a property/object on it called attributes. The attributes can be accessed from that object by name. If an attribute name contains a space then JavaScript associative array access should be used. For example:

var myValue = tw.system.user.attributes['My Attribute'];

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