System Data Toolkit

The System Data Toolkit is a toolkit supplied by default with an IBPM installation. The artifacts contained within are assured to be present in all IBPM environments. This toolkit is automatically associated with all Process Applications. Importantly, since these services are provided with the product, they are fully supported by IBM.

IBM Supplied Business Process Definitions

Business Process Definitions are BPDs that are included in the System Data Toolkit.

Send SLA Violation Email

IBM Supplied General System Services

General System Services are services that are supplied with the System Data Toolkit. They can be referenced anywhere that a General System Service is needed.

Default BPD Event

Default System Service

Extract XML Validation Results

IBM Supplied Historical Analysis Scenarios

IBM Supplied Human Services

Human Services are services that are supplied with the System Data Toolkit that can be used in solutions anywhere a Human Service is needed.

Default Human Service

When an activity is added to a BPD, it is initially associated with a Human Service called Default Human Service found in the System Data Toolkit. The details of this task look as follows:

When shown to the user, it looks like:

The Coach shows some of the primary details of the Task/Activity that is currently running.

lsw Conditional Activity Selection Coach

The purpose of this Human Service is to present the end user with a tree structured interface that describes which activities can be skipped and which must be executed. In IBPM, activities can be flagged as conditional which means that they need not execute. This Human Service interrogates the process definition and determines the list of activities which are flagged as conditional. For each of these activities a check box marker is show beside the name of the activity. The user can then select which activities to execute and which to skip.

For example, look at the following BPD:

Here we see three conditional activities. The first Activity in the BPD as a whole is an invocation of the lsw Conditional Activity Selection Coach Human Service. The visual appearance of this will look as follows:

The Templates allow us to save selections of which activities are selected and which aren't so that we can re-use those templates in the future.


|| |Name|Data Type|Suggested value| |bpdGUID|String|tw.system.currentProcess.guid| |conditionalActivities|List of ConditionalActivity|tw.system.currentProcess.conditionalActivities| |selectedConditionalActivities|List of String|tw.system.currentProcessInstance.selectedConditionalActivities| |templateID|String|(default)| |isReadOnly|Boolean|(default)|


|| |Name|Data Type|Suggested value| |selectedConditionalActivities|List of String|tw.system.currentProcessInstance.selectedConditionalActivities| |templateID|String|(None)|

See also:

Fire Default BPD Event

IBM Supplied Integration Services


Call WebService via SOAP

Email Get System Default Properties

Email Send Teamworks Email

Read E-mail via IMAP

Read E-mail via POP

Read from HTTP

Read Text File

This service reads text from a named file. The parameters are:

|| |Parameter|Description| |filePath|The full path to the file who's contents are to be read and returnd.| |fileContents|The data returned from reading the file.|

See also:

Send E-mail via SMTP

This service is described in detail in this book at the following section: eMail.

SLA Send Alert Email


This is a set of database interaction services which can be used to retrieve, insert, update or delete data from a database. For usage, see Database Integration.

Transform XML Document using XSL Document

Transform XML Document using XSL File

Transform XML file using XSL file

Update ALL SLA Statuses

This service has no input or output parameters.

Update SLA Status

Validate XML File

Validate XML from URL

Validate XML String

Write Text File

This service writes data to a file on the local file system on which Process Server is running. The file can either be overwritten or appended to. The parameters are:

|| |Parameter|Description| |filePath|The full path to the text file that will be created or appended. Take care to use forward slashes on windows.| |fileContents|The data that is to be written into the file.| |appendToFile|A value of true means that the file is appended. A value of false means that the file is created or replaced.| |success|A boolean indicator saying whether the file IO succeeded or failed.|

See also:

IBM Supplied KPIs

IBM Supplied Layouts

Report Filter – Simple Number Replacement

Report Filter – Time Grouping Range

Report Filter – Hidden User Filter

IBM Supplied Participant Groups

IBM Supplied Server Files


This is the implementation file for much of the toolkits functions written in Java.

IBM Supplied Tracking Groups

IBM Supplied Undercover Agents

IBM Supplied User Attribute Definitions

Alert on Assign and Run



Primary Role

Task Email Address

Task Notification

IBM Supplied Variable Types

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