Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are data items that are saved for later examination and are captured during the execution of instances of processes. These KPIs can be used to measure the performance or other quality metrics of an IBPM solution. As a Process Server runs solutions, the KPIs for these processes are recorded. The data for the KPIs is stored in the Performance Data Warehouse database associated with the Process Server. The product provides a set of pre-defined KPIs.

KPI values are recorded when auto-tracking is enabled. The values for the KPIs are recorded in the Auto Tracking tables in the columns:


Custom KPIs

IBPM provides a series of KPIs out of the box but it also allows for the creation of custom ones. KPIs can be created from the Performance category of the Library.

When the KPI is being created, it can be given a name:

The details section of the KPI looks as follows:

The Unit data types available are:

Associating KPIs with BPD activities

When an activity in the BPD diagram is selected, we find that it has a KPIs tab. This allows us to associate a KPI with that activity.

As the activity completes, there has to be an assignment to the KPI associated with that activity.

For KPIs that are of unit type Time, there are no further options. The KPI is the amount of time consumed by the execution of the activity.

For the other types (Boolean, Count and Currency), the assignment to the KPI value can be governed by the settings for that activity.

The assignment types allowable are:

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