Integration Designer

The development environment for building SCA and BPEL based modules is called Integration Designer. It is a standard Eclipse based environment. Once installed, it can be started from the following menu item:

When Integration Designer (ID) starts, it asks for the location of a WorkSpace directory:

The WorkSpace directory is where the artifacts of a solution are stored locally on the file system. Any directory path can be supplied and it is not uncommon to create a new WorkSpace for each different project upon which you work.

ID has an Eclipse perspective called Process Center. When selected, it connects to the Process Center repository and displays the process applications that can be found there.

Selecting a Process Application and then "Open in workspace" causes the process application to be copied from the Process Center into the local file system workspace.

The ID Eclipse Perspective is switched to the Business Integration perspective which is where the majority of work is performed:

By default, a project is shown in its simple mode. This means that only BPMN and related artifacts are shown:

However, there is a toggle button that switches the project to view it in its advanced mode which then shows more details including the SCA and BPEL artifacts:

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