Installation of Business Monitor

At the time of writing (2014-08), the latest version of Business Monitor is 8.5.5.

The part numbers are:

|| |Name|Part Number| |IBM Business Monitor v8.5.5 for Windows 1 of 4|CNO95ML| |IBM Business Monitor v8.5.5 for Windows 2 of 4|CNO96ML| |IBM Business Monitor v8.5.5 for Windows 3 of 4|CNO97ML| |IBM Business Monitor v8.5.5 for Windows 4 of 4|CNO98ML|

The prerequisites for IBM Business Monitor can be found here:

The IBM IID product also includes a copy of IBM Business Monitor.

Creating a profile

A new profile for a Business Monitor server can be created with the WebSphere PMT tool. This can be found in the Start Menu under IBM > Business Monitor 8.5 > Profile Management Tool.

When running on the same machine as IBM BPM, make sure that you choose distinct port numbers.

These settings will result in Business Space being available at:


and WAS Admin Console at:


Finally we get to run the configuration command.

At the conclusion of the profile creation, we will find that two new databases have also been created:

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