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Right up front it is important to realize that the functions that make IBPM Advanced different from IBPM Standard are primarily what used to be known as WebSphere Process Server (WPS). Since this product has been around for nearly seven years, there is already a wealth of available literature. However, when you read it, you will find that it refers to WPS by name and not IBPM. It is expected new materials will refer to the function by the new name but until then, the existing materials are very much applicable. As such, perform the mental transformation yourself and realize that when you read WPS you should think IBPM Advanced and when you read WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) you should translate that to Integration Designer (ID).


Redbooks are IBM free books. These are commonly written by IBMers (and occasionally customers) and provide real-world and hands-on guidance to products. There are many existing redbooks that are applicable to our story and what follows is a useful list of the more pertinent ones:


WebSphere Process Server articles … search query.


A list of knowledge sources has been compiled by IBM and refreshed periodically. Much of its is already listed in the previous sections but it does make a good reference:

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