Editing the Wiki

The Wiki you are reading is implemented by Bookstack and the content is in Markdown format.

To edit the wiki, you'll need to be sign up. Registration is located here.


After that, the login button will be located in the top right.

Creating tables

| Table H1 | Table H2 |
| -------- | -------- |
| X        | Y        |
| A        | B        |


Table H1 Table H2

Page structure

The pages within the Wiki start with 4 digits (0000 through 9999). There are two purposes for this convention. The first is that the engine does not appear to have manual page ordering meaning that all pages are shown lexically ordered. By adopting a convention like this, we get to control the order. The second is that we can apply semantics to the page numbering as shown next:

Page Number Start Page Number End Description
0000 4999 Normal Wiki pages
5000 5999 New pages (work in progress)
9000 9999 Wiki meta data

Using an external Markdown editor

The content of a Wiki page is based on the Markdown syntax. Since Markdown has applicability outside of just this Wiki engine, we can use arbitrary Markdown editors to perform the editing. There are many of those available with richer features than those provided by bookstack. We can use those by copying the markdown content of the page we are editing into one of those editors, make changes in those editors and paste back into the wiki editor. Obviously this is more manual and error prone so should be used sparingly. Good markdown editors include:

  • Stackedit - Very nice web based editor with all the features I ever needed.
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