Debugging Monitor Models

Recorded Events Management

Monitor has the capability to record events that have previously been presented to it for later examination. This is enabled or disabled from within the WAS admin console. The default is disabled.

Once enabled, events received can also be seen in the admin console:

From here individual events can be viewed,deleted or exported.

Using the Monitor Model debugger

The Monitor Model debugger is a capability of IID that allows Monitor Models to have break points associated with them. When events arrive at the Monitor Server, these breakpoints are honored and a debugging perspective is shown that allows the programmer to see the event, conditions and other items associated with the processing of that event.

Two applications must be installed in the server in order to use the Monitor Model debugger. These are:

Both can be found in the <WAS>/installableApps.wbm/debugger folder.

The first provides an application called IBM_WBM_DBG_SERVICES the second provides an application called IBM_WBM_IVM. Before running debugging on a new server, validate that these applications are installed and running.

To launch the debugger, right click on the Monitor model and select "Debug Monitor Model":

We know that the monitor debugger is ready when the following is shown:

Integrated Test Client

Another diagnostic tool at our disposal is the Integrated Test Client. This is launched from the context menu of a Monitor Model:

Once launched, it looks as follows:

The high level model of its usage is that you add a series of events that are to be published. An individual event is configured in the left panel. Once defined, the "Add to Test Script" button can be pressed which will add it to the set of tests to be executed as shown on the right. Once the tests have been defined, clicking the "Run Script" button will actually run the tests. The set of tests can be saved as a group.

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