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Cognos allows us to visualize and analyze data. To do this, we must import structured data into the tool. The data can be modeled as cubes, dimensions and measures.

A cube is a collection of all of our data and contains a set of dimensions.

A dimension is a single category of data. For example, if we consider a database table that contains columns A, B and C then the table can be thought of as the cube and the columns called A, B and C as dimensions. However, this is too simple a model and Cognos has deeper considerations than just this.

Information Sources


Work Space development

A Cognos workspace is saved in a CDD file.

When you launch Cognos Insight, the development environment is presented to you:

Next, in order to do something, we need to import some data. We can perform that task from the "Get Data > Import Data…" menu item. This opens an import wizard:

From here we can identify the source of our data.

When we model a cube, we get to define the logical dimensions and measures. From there, we can map the physical data to those logical entities.

Connecting to DB2

An ODBC driver for DB2 is required.

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