Business Space Widgets for Monitor

The following widgets are supplied by Monitor for use in Business Space:


The KPI widget looks as follows from the palette of available widgets:

once added to the page, it shows as:

indicating that it needs to be configured. We can configure it from the editing settings on the right. When selected we are presented with a list of modeled KPIs:

from which we can select one or more. The KPI can be visualized a number of different ways that can be selected from the icons at the bottom left of the widget.

Report Viewer Business Space Widget

When initially added to a page, this widget needs to be configured.

In its settings, it asks for a "report". This report is created/defined in the Report Designer widget.

When the Select button is pressed to select a report a tree dialog is displayed from which the report can be found:

Once selected, a bar chart display is shown.

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