Business Process Management scenarios

A common request is to show IBPM performing some specific role. This request is made by prospective consumers of the product. IBPM is not the only BPM offering in the marketplace so it seems only natural to ask for such a comparative demonstration. Since IBPM is not a turn-key solution but is instead middle-ware that is to be used to build a solution, such demonstrations of capability need to be built. To build a new demonstration each time a customer asks for one is going to be too expensive. Instead, what we should look to do is to create a portfolio of existing demonstrations that can be reused. The characteristics of these demonstrations are:

It is also my belief that these scenarios should also have the following additional characteristics

Scenario: Exception Handling

In many processes, handling of work requests can be mostly automated or else follows a very well oiled sequence of steps that has been well tuned over time. What has been seen as a great expense to businesses is what is known as exception handling. Exception handling is the task of handling process work requests that didn't follow the desired or expected path. Here are some examples:

In these examples, the process can not be completed until some other steps have been performed. These steps are usually manual in nature involving a staff member being told of the nature of the problem and that staff member deciding what should happen next.

One of the primary characteristics of exception handling is determining which staff members would be appropriate for resolving a particular issue. A simple solution would be to assign the exception processing to all members of a particular team or group. In many cases however, this will not be satisfactory. Instead, the request should be sent to a set of folks who have the skills or responsibility to perform the work. In this case, the determination of which users should be included may be a function of the nature or details of the exception being processed.

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