BPM Knowledge

There are a variety of sources of knowledge and information related to BPM. This section captures some of the more important ones. When a question or puzzle on using the product comes to light, the chances are extremely high that the answer can be found in the existing documentation, forums, TechNotes, RedBooks and articles. The real challenge is searching for the answer in the mass of information available.

Product Documentation

The documentation for much of BPM can be found in the IBM Knowledge Center. This is a web site maintained by IBM at this location:


At that web site, on-line copies of documentation for all of IBM's products can be found.

Web Sites

Some commonly visited web sites on the Internet related to IBPM are:

Public Forums

IBM's public Internet accessible developerWorks website has a forum dedicated to IBM Business Process Manager. This is a very active forum and is used by most IBPM consumers and is watched on a best effort basis by most specialists within IBM itself. Support through the forum is provided on a best effort basis and should not be confused with formal PMRs (support requests) through IBM product support.


IBM RedBooks

RedBooks have been a staple of knowledge on IBM products for decades. These are free-of-charge down-loadable books that are commonly written by IBM staff outside of their normal work jobs. In addition, RedBook authoring is also open to customers who wish to work closely with the product and other IBM teams. These books are written by practitioners who use the product on a very frequent basis and, as such, the books represent real-world experiences and practices. Here is a list of IBPM related RedBooks:


developerWorks on IBM BPM

IBM's developerWorks is a public Internet based web portal for technical discussions. A large number of papers have been written on IBM BPM usage. These papers are commonly written by IBM staff when they hear common questions and queries from product users. These papers are of particularly high quality. The current link for developerWorks papers on IBM BPM is:



TechNotes are IBM hints, tips and warnings about IBM products published as web updates at IBM's support web site.


Requirements and Enhancements

From time to time while using IBM BPM, you may find some feature that doesn't quite work the way you would like it to or some feature that you think is missing. IBM is extremely interested in hearing about this. An IBM website has been created where "Request for Feature Enhancements" can be logged, tracked and monitored. The web site is:


and provides easy to follow instructions for recording your enhancement requests and viewing those submitted by others.

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