Areas to write about and work to do

How can Google Documents and Google Drive be integrated with IBM BPM? It would appear that these are places where documents can be attached and managed. Do they have a CMIS interface? Are there APIs to edit Google Documents within a Coach? etc etc - 2014-09

Build the "Work" Dashboard using the Coaches

Run performance testers against Coaches including

Consider a Coach View widget that has no visuals but instead performs an Ajax call to retrieve data. This could then set its binding data which would then be picked up by another widget such as the the GridX Coach View.

Create a launcher for Process Designer that uses a list of Process Centers

How do we dynamically set the timer of a BPD activity? How can it subsequently be changed?

Research "Groovy" and "Spring"

Handling the close of a Coach Window – see

Imagine I add a field to a BO and then migrate an in flight process... what if I remove one?

There is a REST Performance API … what is that all about?

Imagine a process has failed … it is in the failed stated. Is there any way I can make it alive again?

How do I change the Due Date of a process or task from within JavaScript?

Fascinating notion on MIL Loops to be studied here:

In this thread ( there is discussion on returning Java Lists or string[] from Java code. Play with this and see how it works.

How do we get the content of an attached document through the REST APIs?

What does it mean to attach a document to a task that has no Process ID???

In coaches, we seem to be able to suspend/postpone a task and then loop back to it and the data is saved … can we do something similar with REST APIs?

There is talk of APIs to “Suspend” processes. What does this mean? What is the state of a process if it is suspended? What of tasks, can they be suspended differently?

There are questions on generating XML directly from the BOs … see

Look into a tool to dynamically show documentation based on the new asset list technology

The WAS server appears to have the ability to allow client applications to obtain console logs remotely. How is this done and how can it be used?

Build a comprehensive Reporting sample that can be used as a tutorial as well as a demonstration that can be explained from soup to nuts

How to use the SOAP Connector (raw) supplied service?

How to handle page flow solutions using Custom UI?

What free CSS editors are out there?

What is HermesJMS and how can it be used with IBPM?

How can I make certain rows in a Coach table not to be editable?

It appears that if I have two tables in two separate sections, only one table's selection is honored, the other is ignored.

What is involved in writing a VMM plugin

When a BPD executes, how can I see the list of the activities in the BPD that were actually executed?

Add into IBPMExplorer the ability to assign/re-assign tasks

The sendData REST API allows us to change the data in a service. What has to be sent in to change the data for a date/time based variable?

The Alert functions need re-researched … are they or are they not part of the product?

Look into what would be involved in creating a Java Object in one service and making that object available in another service. One possible idea would be the use of the WAS Caching technology:

Date manipulation from JavaScript escaping through LiveConnect

Sending and receiving help through Process Portal

Configuring WLE with LDAP

Using CDL to create a chart background image

Talk about how scoreboards are visible only by role

Write about showing work queues for users. We want to see how much work is associated with a particular user … who is over used or under used. What if a user needs emergency leave, how do we re-own the tasks.

There is a new feature in 7.2 called "Critical path management". What is that all about?

We need to go back and add a LOT more flesh on using JMS with WLE

We can invoke a service from a coach with How can this be leveraged from Dojo? This appears also to be able to return a Java Object instead of XML … how does it achieve this?

Build a Dojo list with height

What is the difference between a Role and a Participant Group

WSDL Web Service fault handling

What is a "Task Narrative"?

Who can modify teams? Imagine we have team A and team B with manager A and B. Through process admin, can A and B change their team composition and be excluded from modifying each others?

Document the use of the interface called "Teamworks" for Java. See:

Can I call a BPM server side service from within a CSHS JavaScript?

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